Leadership Development

Effective Leaders learn to focus on and develop new skills throughout their careers as they navigate the twists and turns of the leadership pipeline. Your impact and communication needs to be flexible enough to build commitment and get things done with different people and in varying situations. At the same time you also need to be clear about your strategic goals and lead your group effectively towards them. What do you need to do, to take your leadership to the next level? Get support from a business coach or join an action learning set to find out.

Executive Coaching

Coaching is all about your professional development. The focus is on your goals, your career, your hopes and concerns. Coaching helps you learn and develop in your current role and also to grow your capability for the future. Your coach will create a confidential, safe and reflective space where you can exam how you think and how you behave at work. You focus on specific development goals, explore options then choose a clear plan of action. Your coach works alongside you providing, insights and awareness to help this journey happen. To see if this is the right thing for you book a free 60 minute long taster session now. Taster session’s can be organised virtually or face-to-face.

Action Learning Sets

Action Learning is a dynamic process that involves a small group of people who want to solve real organisational problems. At the same time they focus on how their learning can in turn benefit individuals, groups, and the larger organisation. The emphasis on learning is what makes this process strategic, rather than tactical in equipping leaders to more effectively respond to change. Contact us to find dates when the next set is beginning or book a half hour introduction to action learning.