Consulting Services are a practical way to involve an experienced business psychologist, working alongside you on the problems that matter most to you. You obtain a trusted professional partner to help you, your team or your organisation. This may include supporting a change or development programme; identifying what and how leaders need to develop; helping teams to work more effectively and helping develop a healthy workplace in general.

Team Performance

Are you a team leader or a team member who is unsure how to release the full potential of everyone in your group? Do you understand where your team is and what will take them to even higher levels of effectiveness? By using a combination of psychometric assessment, feedback and facilitated sessions with the team and the team leader, you will get the support you need to maximise your groups potential. To have an initial consultation or discussion about how this service might benefit you please contact us.

Selection and Development Services

With over 25 years of experience in the field, we can help you recruit and develop key leaders and groups within your organisation. This can be done for example by providing an independent, in depth, assessment of a new head of business; training managers to interview effectively; designing a competency framework; using psychometrics or designing an assessment centre. Contact us for more information.